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  • Sold your home? CRA may penalize you if you fail to report it

    The Canada Revenue Agency is getting tough with people who fail to comply with new rules requiring the routine sale of a home to be reported, even when there’s zero tax owing. If you don’t report the sale of a principal residence on your income......

  • The 2018 Spring Market Trends Report

    The 2018 Spring Market Trends Report for Canada is out. Click here to download your free copy. High demand and limited inventory continue to make the Greater Toronto Area a seller’s market. The new OSFI regulations, foreign buyer’s tax, rising interest rates and immigration growth......

  • Ready for Canada’s new mortgage rules?

    There are new rules coming out in January that require those taking out a mortgage to qualify at a rate two percentage points higher than the contractual mortgage rate. Whether you’re buying a home or refinancing speak to a mortgage advisor who can help guide......